The Wishlist of Scott Herron
Last Updated 12/13/2016


(sometimes available on Amazon, but this is the official seller)

Accessories for Odroid:

5V/2A USB Plug with 2.5mm Cable (can be selected with order from main site) Clear case (can be selected with order from main site) micro SD card for boot disk (usually better to buy separate)

 low profile flash drive for playing music in the car

More flash drives that aren't low-profile are fine.

I can always use internal computer hard drives. (must be 2TB+, preferably a brand other than Seagate like Western digital or Hitachi)

micro SD card for dashcam (larger sizes welcome, videos get large)

new speakers for my 1992 Honda Civic (front speakers are dead, new back speakers would be nice but the current ones are still usable)