The Wishlist of Bruce Killian
Last Updated 12 December 2019 AD

High quality used or homemade is excellent.

This list is by no means exhaustive

No claim to have the best links for products number before items indicate priority, a higher number indicates higher interest.

Please no gift certificates (much better rather cash with designated purpose).

8 Bible tie(s)

7 Family group pictures.

9 Shirts short sleeve XL Hawaiian or Long sleeve 18 or 18.5 34/35

7 Verbum bible study software

7 Sport coat (for church) about 44R

8 Something to hold a clipboard for me to type from (e.g. small easel).


Unique/Custom Items

10 Help getting article published

8 Help read and edit my book for clarity, errors, etc.

8 Help making my web page better

7 quarter scale crucifix title golden yellow beeswax writing tablet. 2.25"x2.25" wood and beeswax with 2 leaves (like high priests breast plate inside out) joined with blue cord

7 Hood (for rain/wind/cold) for my dark blue Knights of Columbus jacket

8 Artist to help me draw picture of crucifixion and or resurrection as it actually was (basket, tassels, wings, stakes, golden crown, etc.