The Wishlist of Bruce Killian
Last Updated 6 December 2017


High quality used or homemade is excellent.

This list is by no means exhaustive

No claim to have the best links for products number before items indicate priority, a higher number indicates higher interest.

Please no gift certificates (much better rather cash with designated purpose).

8 Another Bible tie (not pink, violet, or purple).

7 Family pictures, especially children who tend to change a lot.

8 Manger scene for yard or that shines on house

9. Exchange Florsheim shoes for correct size 10.5 1E => 10.5 5E.

6 Wireless headphones for TV and PC

7 Verbum bible study software

7 Toner cartridge compatible for Xerox Phaser 3320

6 DVR and or Blue Ray Player

6 Robot floor cleaner for hardwood/tile floor


Unique/Custom Items

10 Help getting article published

8 Help read and edit my book for clarity, errors, etc.

8 Help making my web page better

7 quarter scale crucifix title golden yellow beeswax writing tablet. 2.25"x2.25" wood and beeswax with 2 leaves (like high priests breast plate inside out) joined with blue cord

9 Help making Star of Bethlehem YouTube or Video

7 Hood (for rain/wind/cold) for my dark blue Knights of Columbus jacket

8 Artist to help me draw picture of crucifixion and or resurrection as it actually was (basket, tassels, wings, stakes, golden crown, etc.


Home remodel and repair

9 Help with hard maple/cherry Kitchen cabinets

9 Help with oak? bathroom cabinet.

8 Repair entryway floor

8 Kitchen chandelier over kitchen table.

7 Help cleaning any part of house

7 Help with kitchen counter tops.

7 Exhaust hood for stove and or install hood

7 Redo fireplace more compactly

7 Fireplace mantel inside width 56 inches.

7 Plant appropriate tree in yard

7 Plumb gas line for stove

7 Move (unplant and replant) bird of paradise plant.

7 Install Insulation in garage ceiling (I have the insulation).

7 Front porch outdoor lamp (currently about 50 years old).


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