The Wishlist of Bruce Killian
Last Updated 11/27/2016

High quality used or homemade is excellent.

This list is by no means exhaustive

No claim to have the best links for products Number before items indicate priority, a higher number indicates higher interest.

6 tie themed St. Patrick (e.g. green shirt), Another Bible tie.

please no gift certificates (much better rather cash with designated purpose).

8 Family pictures, especially children who tend to change a lot.

6 Refurbish my first aid kit.

8 SSD drive to add to my PC

87 multiple wallet size picture frame for work 3X3 or 2X5 or similar. To hold the pictures I have + more at work.

7 stick on the window manger scene

8 New Balance Shoes (size 10 4E black) MX519BK, MX409BK, 577 black or similar

9. Florsheim penny loafer slip on shoes black size 10 5E or 10.5 5E (I don’t know which) leather sole. ~$109

These seem to only come in 3E so 10.5 3E

Sebago 49.99 to 155.00

$56.51 to 110.

Unique/Custom Items

10 Help getting article published

10 Help making my web page properly working

9 Help with cherry Kitchen counters and cabinets.

9 Help with oak bathroom cabinet.

8 Help making my web page better

7 Help cleaning house or any part of it.

8 quarter scale cedar of Lebanon cross (optimally  able to be made into doorway). full scale doorpost 7.5'x9"x9" (cross sized= ¼ span by ¼ span = 1.8’x2.25"x2.25") Threshold pine 2.5” x

8 quarter scale pomegranate like basket for 1/4 scale cross

8 a 9"X9" wood and beeswax writing tablet with 2 leaves (like high priests breast plate inside out)

9 quarter scale crucifix title golden yellow beeswax writing tablet. 2.25"x2.25" wood and beeswax with 2 leaves (like high priests breast plate inside out) joined with blue cord

9 Help making Star of Bethlehem YouTube or Video

7 Hood (for rain/wind/cold) for my dark blue Knights of Columbus jacket

10 Artist to help me draw picture of crucifixion and or resurrection as it actually was (basket, tassels, pomegranates, wings, stakes, golden crown, etc.

Help calling to schedule estimate and repair for roof ridge shingles, stucco repair, outside spray painter, etc.

Wireless headphones

Bath mat (space 30” x 48”)

Welcome mat for front door (Christian theme best

bedroom window curtain rod and curtains opening 35”Hx71”W (two bedrooms available).

living room curtains and rod opening 80”H X 81”W

Garage lighting something like hanging fluorescent lights

Help cleaning any part of house

Levi Jeans 505 standard color, 36x30

Structural advice re upgrading the fireplace

10 Help make appointments (treadmill evaluation, eye doctor