The Wish list of Degreed Mechanical but Practicing as a Traffic Engineer Mark Killian
Last Updated: 9:55am CET, 12/04/2023

wild barrel brewing sour beer
see's candy (Milk Butterscotch Square)brown sugar candies
3D printed tz-rek Jad

vortx desk fan

window fan

gaming mice with thumb mouse buttons

urban hydration hand cream

black socks

Heated cat bed for Seraphina

Cat water fountain

Car detailed

Books more incoming
new 5 books for the belgarad series mine are wearing out at the spines

Large Canning kettle pint or quart sized

Classes/Review course for Seismic or Survey PE

Large couch. Fabric arms. Walnut. design in progress
New matching footstool for Morris Chairs

Steam games
Disco Elysium
Death’s Door
video games if you think I'd like them
OSRS bonds for main (membership).