The Wishlist of Mark Killian
Last Updated 11/24/2017

Mark Killian’s Wish list 2017

·         See’s Candy Coupons

 ·         prepaid Visa Gift Card

           Steam gift card               

 ·Games from steam


                Computer parts

                SSD 1 Tb

 Bike handle bars curved


                With the grip tape

 New stylus pen for my Surface

New Power Cable for my Surface

 Board game Betrayal at the House on the Hill

                                And the expasion


 Dash camera for my car

                With sd card.

New speakers for my car Volvo 2000 S80 and help installing them(I need both as I don't know much about cars)

   Cash ($, £, €, gold/silver coins)

 slacks or other nice long pants (Dockers 38 X 29 or 36 X 29, flat front, black, blue, or khaki)

 Cargo shorts

 Land's End large, tall shirts(both collared and non collared)

 Socks black men that reach high on my leg but not to my knee

Squeegee for my car in the mornings


 D&D DungeonMaster's Handbook 5th edition

D&D Monster Manual 5th edition

   Exotic Animal pelts

                Sea Otter