The Wishlist of Ruthanne Killian

Last Updated 11/23/2021


-Hot water maker for tea

-Packing cubes [like eBag (eggplant) or SuitedNomad (Compression) (Navy Blue or Slate Gray) or Bagail 6 set (black) ]

-A Pillow chair like this:

  or Large Reading Pillow Back Pillow Wedge Pillow Backrest Wedge Pillow Waist Pillow  Sofa Office Chair Reading Bed Pillow Back Pillow with Neck Roll TV Pillow Reading Pillow (beige)

-New RAM for my laptop (Lenovo Think Pad Edge)

-Trip abroad or in the states with you and/or other family members

-Trip on a cruise with you and/or other family members

-Homemade gifts

-Nalgene Bottles (wide mouth, 32 oz)



-Nintendo Switch/ Switch Lite  and case -used is fine

-Disco Elysium for Switch -used is fine

-Hades for Switch -used is fine

-Spy Alley Board Game

-Root Beer Float Challenge Game

-Happy Little Dinosaurs Board Game

-Pretending to Grownup Game

-Mini Crossbow + Bolts


Root Beer Float ChallengeHappy Little Dinosaurs: Exclusive Edition | Board Game | BoardGameGeek



A Year of Writing Dangerously by Barbara Abercrombie 



Scoob (2020)