The Wishlist of Sarah Santillano
Last Updated 11/8/2021

Smaller is generally better. Used is fine.

Random Stuff

A gift certificate for a professional massage
Cabeau evolution travel pillow
Mint/basil plants that are more difficult to kill or a way to keep plants alive
New Otterbox defender case for iPhone X
Liberty puzzle
Generator for power outages at home
Small purse for special events
Black out curtains installed in sunroom of my house
Rothy flats size 10
Wheeled luggage for checked bag- hard sized and 4 wheels.  Desired number 2.
Living room rug ~7ft x 10ft

Amazon list

Homemade Stuff

Walnut or cherry, most likely Chippendale style, ask for specifications. Fine with completion after Christmas.
Frame for scratch off map of the world 32.75x24 inches
Kneeler set of 2
Hanging cupboard similar to the one of tiger maple in Tomís office
Desk for office

A trip to visit me in Tulsa or a trip abroad with me
Trip on a cruise with you and or other family member
Giving to those less fortunate than oneself such